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Account Executive

Chicago, IL, USA

Job Type



Office Based

About the Company

This Series B company founded by a team of visionaries are revolutionizing the way global enterprises manage their supply chains using AI and no code microservices. They are redefining complexity into simplicity by providing manufacturers, retailers, and 3PLs with a single pane of glass: One dashboard, One single source of truth. end to end. As trail blazers, they have already caught the eye of the World Economic Forum, who’ve anointed them as Technology Pioneers and Deloitte has dubbed them one of the fastest-growing tech brands. Their success comes from the work of the team, and the value each member brings with their unique mix of skills, backgrounds, and quirks. They’re not just colleagues; they are a team of pioneers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

About the Role

As a foundational sales executive, you’ll play a pivotal role in driving growth with new logo acquisition. As the sales function it matures, there will be tons of opportunity for growth across the entire org. This is an opportunity to join a company that has a strong product market fit, large market, and is accelerating quickly. Reporting directly to the CRO.

You will be responsible for:
- Relationship Building: Leverage your existing network to connect with key players in supply chain enterprises, strengthen relationships and foster trust.
- Competitor Elimination: Identify and neutralize threats from competitors within customer base and stay ahead of the game.
- Customer Satisfaction: Ensure clients’ satisfaction within their supply chains. Be proactive, responsive, and attentive to their needs.
- Growth Opportunities: Anticipate growth opportunities for clients even before they express a need. Be curious and forward-thinking.


  • Proven experience in Enterprise Sales within supply chain-related industries.

  • Experience and high competency in full cycle selling.

  • You will ideally have a strong knowledge of the complexities of the supply chain and logistics industries.

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to navigate complex relationships.

  • Curiosity, adaptability, and a passion for innovation.

  • You must be excited and passionate about the prospect of joining an early stage, disruptive and fast-paced business.

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