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"I strongly recommend Paul as a strategic partner for founders and executives looking to rapidly scale their business with world class talent. I first met Paul when he recruited me to lead Sales for Cortex. At the time I had no intention of making a career move, but Paul is exceptional at engaging with and coaching people through career decisions in a truly personal and inspiring way. He has leveraged this same technique to help us place several foundational hires in various roles across our business: all A+ caliber talent that was not actively in the job market. If you are looking for a true partner - an extension of your team - to build your business with exceptional talent, partner with Paul. He is 1 of 1."

Scott Mullin, VP Sales


"Words cannot describe all the work that goes into recruiting the right leaders for an early-stage organization and having the right partners by your side makes the journey so much easier. Justin was just the perfect partner for us. He put in tons of effort to understand what we were looking for in a candidate and was extremely patient and calm when business needs changed. He genuinely kept the best interests of the company and the candidates in mind and ensured that all parties involved had a smooth experience throughout the process.
His diligence, patience, consistency, and work ethic certainly stand out and make him a genuine delight to work with. Needless to say, given the opportunity, would definitely work with him again."

Saniya Surana, Chief of Staff

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"The Search Experience have been incredible to work with. We were recruiting for a role with a very specific skill set in a niche business. Ben was able to adeptly identify persona profiles and source several qualified candidates. His communication with myself, the candidates and other stakeholders was excellent.
This was, by far, the smoothest recruiting process I have been through in my career as a hiring manager. I recommend Ben and The Search Experience for anyone looking to grow their team with the highest quality candidates."

Justin Duling, SVP


"So far for us we've had 100% success and satisfaction drawing candidates from The Search Experience's first shortlist cuts. They take the time to understand the sort of person we need and always present us a range of good, better, best to choose from."

David Lutterman, CEO

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"We have worked with Jeremy and The Search Experience team on 6 searches in just 12 months and have a few more in the process. We have tried to do it on our own but the success and efficiency we achieved with TSE always trumps. The team has an awesome approach starting wth calibrating with the hiring manager on the right profile and they do such a good job of this that we have reached conclusion on all searches with no more than 5-8 interviews, resulting in significant efficiency gains for Hiring Managers and HR teams. I strongly recommend Jeremy and The Search Experience Team."


Vispi Daver, Founder


"Tough search? Jeremy has you covered. Not one, but two searches went all the way to the offer stage, but for different reasons, couldn’t cross the finish line. In both cases, Jeremy was on it and within a week had multiple qualified candidates for me to speak with. What I most appreciate about Jeremy is his inclination to listen and then act on what he hears, with a sense of urgency—something often touted, but not always achieved. I recommend Jeremy and his firm."

Wynn White, CMO


"Paul is the best professional recruiter I have worked with in 25 years in the tech industry. He has a great knowledge of the high tech landscape combined with a top-notch executive network. Paul is high IQ and EQ -- making him very insightful in matching both professional and personal characteristics to positions for long-term success. Paul provides a "white glove" level of service, and is always meticulously prepared for any update or discussion. He is incredibly responsive and proactive in providing valuable, thoughtful feedback both to his clients and candidates. A true partner in growing high performance businesses, I recommend Paul without reservation."

Mike Stone, SVP Marketing


I met Natalie when she first moved to SF, and decided to work with her on a search as she built out her practice and network here. She immediately proved her value not just by finding a great candidate that I ended up hiring, but with her candor, professionalism, and keen understanding of what both parties needed to get the process across the finish line. Being a sincere advocate for both candidates and clients during a search is a delicate balance, and Natalie pulled it off extremely well. I look forward to working with her again.

Matt Esslinger, VP Sales

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"I have had the pleasure of partnering with Jeremy MacLeod and Natalie Adams for my recruitment needs over the past 3 months.  I have been highly impressed with the level of service I have received from them both and it is something unmatched in the US Market. Recruitment of the strongest talent is imperative in the success of the Marsello business in the US as it gives us our competitive advantage. Natalie and Jeremy have successfully assisted me in securing two people in my initial build out for my North American team.  My intention is to grow the North American footprint of Marsello considerably over the next 1-3 years and I will be partnering with Jeremy and Natalie and The Search Experience, to fulfill those needs"

Brent Spicer, Co-Founder

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"I've interacted with many recruiters in my career, and I can honestly say that there's no one I've been more impressed with than Justin. His cool, calm and collected demeanor, smarts, and work ethic make him a standout. Justin has a knack for building trust with clients and candidates alike, quickly, which is critical when it comes to job placement. I just have an immense amount of respect for how competent he is, straight up. I can't recommend Justin enough if you are an employer looking to fill a role that seems destined to be open forever, or if you're a job seeker looking to partner with someone who will genuinely have your best interests in mind! This is your guy."

Kia Saedi, VP Sales


"I worked with Justin at the Search Experience to help me hire for a few marketing leadership roles on my team. Justin is calm, collected, thoughtful and a great listener. He took a lot of time to really understand what I was looking for in a candidate, and the type of person that would be the best cultural fit for my team and the company. He also spent a lot of time talking to several candidates and sharing in-depth perspectives to help me make the right decision.Justin was extremely helpful in advising me and guiding me through the process, and stayed close to every candidate to make sure they also had the best candidate experience. I highly recommend Justin and given the chance, I would absolutely work with him again."

Sarah Din, VP Marketing



Justin is awesome. He approached me for a position I ended up taking and I am excited to start my new adventure. He played a key role as liaison to bring me up to speed on the industry and current company landscape. He took the time to understand my career aspirations and compensation needs, and advocated on my behalf to the hiring company. I appreciate his attention to detail, approachable demeanor, and willingness to support. He has made the entire recruiting process frictionless and streamlined. This is absolutely one of the best experiences I have ever had.

April Z. Head of Customer Success, Heartex.

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