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Series A, SaaS, Founded 2019

Series A, SaaS, Founded 2019

Following Series A funding lead by Sequoia, Cortex were eager to build their GTM function and appointed TSE in 2022. With zero outbound marketing and only 1 sales person it was imperative to design and build a high caliber team to significantly increase the velocity of revenue and build a repeatable sales motion, moving away from founder-led sales.

The Challenge

1) Build a GTM function from scratch, from top down.
2) Create a compelling story for talent before product market fit has been established.
3) Attract tier one talent to an unknown brand in a post-covid, risk averse candidate market.


Through detailed undertanding of the vision and culture of Cortex, TSE were pivotal in establishing a desirable and highly regarded employer brand among talent pools.
To date, 15 critical positions havve been filled, 8 of which are leadership roles that have been essential in building the culture and attitude that has led to their significant growth and fast success. In under 2 years Cortex have achieved 7x revenue and have a fully functioning GTM motion. Headcount is now over 90 with steady growth plans for 2024 and beyond.

Positions Filled 

VP Sales
VP Marketing
VP Customer Success
Director Sales Engineering
Head of Product Marketing
Head of Demand Generation
Mid-Marketing Sales Manager
BDR Director

Enterprise Account Executive x 4
Commercial Account Executive x 2
Sales Ops Manager

I strongly recommend Paul as a strategic partner for founders and executives looking to rapidly scale their business with world class talent. I first met Paul when he recruited me to lead Sales for Cortex. At the time I had no intention of making a career move, but Paul is exceptional at engaging with and coaching people through career decisions in a truly personal and inspiring way. He has leveraged this same technique to help us place several foundational hires in various roles across our business: all A+ caliber talent that was not actively in the job market. If you are looking for a true partner an extension of your team - to build your business with exceptional talent, partner with Paul. He is 1 of 1.

Scott Mullin, VP Sales

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