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Series A, SaaS, Developer Tools, Founded 2019

Series A, SaaS, Developer Tools, Founded 2019

Following Series A led by Greylock, the team at Builder were focused on transitioning away from Founder-led sales to build a repeatable inbound and outbound sales motion, targeting Developer customer profiles. TSE were appointed in 2021.

The Challenge

1) Attract tier one talent in the height of the COVID boom where competiton was high.
2) Build a GTM function from scratch for an unknown employer brand.
3) Craft a compelling story to showcase product differentiation in a crowded ecosystem.


After a significant time spent working with Builder to understnd the vision of the founding team, TSE were able to quickly establish a strong household brand among talent pools within the DXP ecosystem. Since then, Builder have seen a consistent revenue growth of 2.5 - 3x ARR annually and increased headcount from 20 to over 70 in a little over 2 years. Reaching out to talent now regarding Builder is a simple message.

Positions Filled 

VP Sales
Head of Demand Generation
Head of Product Marketing
Customer Success Manager
Customer Engineer x 2
Account Executive
Business Development Rep

I worked with Justin at TSE to hire a few marketing leadership roles on my team. Justin is calm, collected, thoughtful and a great listener. He took a lot of time to understand what I was looking for, and the type of person that would be the best cultural fit for my team and the company. He also spent a lot of time talking to several candidates and sharing in depth perspectives to help me make the right decision. Justin was extremely helpful in advising me and guiding me through the process, and stayed close to every candidate to make sure they also had the best candidate experience. I highly recommend Justin and given the chance, I would absolutely work with him again

Sarah Din, VP Marketing

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