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Seed, SaaS, Cloud R&D, Founded 2022,

Seed, SaaS, Cloud R&D, Founded 2022,

At seed stage and breaking into the $5 trillion chemical market, Albert were building momentum
and gaining traction with new lighthouse customers, but needed to attract talent from a niche market of scientists in software to increase the velocity of revenue before raising Series A. They apponuited TSE with the challenge in 2021.

The Challenge

1) Attract tier one talent from globally established brands to an unknown entity.
2) Refine the narrative around the brand to emphasize the entrpreneurial spirit embedded in the business.
3) Test and vigorously screen the abilty and desire for candidates to endure a significant and rapid growth journey.


TSE were bought in to Albert Invent from day 1. The story was compelling but the market incredibly niche but through significant volume of screnning TSE assisted in establishing a high impact team that has
propelled growth to secure Series A funding from a leading global VC. Revenue has doubled and the team expanded internationally; headcount has increased from 35 to 80 in under 2 years with significant growth anticipated for 2024 and beyond. TSE is also aproud Investor in Albert.

Positions Filled 

Director of Solutions Engineering
Product Manager
Customer Success Manager
Senior Account Executive
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Technical Success Specialist x 6
Technical Success Specialist (Germany)

I've worked with Courtney to hire a number of individuals. Courtney is professional, courteous, and great to work with; a true partner. I'm often impressed with her out-of-the box thinking and consideration of items I wasn't originally thinking about. She asks great questions, confirms her understanding of our desired candidate profiles and what we're looking for - and then follows through with candidates who fit exactly that. Courtney has been able to source for candidates that other firms have fallen short on, and I'd recommend her and her team to any organization looking to hire.

Liz Smith, Director Customer Success

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