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SaaS, Digital Adoption, Founded 2014

SaaS, Digital Adoption, Founded 2014

Being founded in India and with little presence in the US market, Whatfix appointed TSE in 2018 with just 6 initial team members in the US in the South Bay of San Francisco. Following their series A funding led by Sequoia and Softbank the priority was to build a GTM function while creating a new market vertical, Digital Adoption.

The Challenge

1) Design a hiring process with a non-US HQ and difficult timezones to content with.
2) Swiftly build an attractive employer brand in the US to attract tier one talent.
3) Create a compelling proposition for a new market vertical to small talent pools.


In only 5 years the Whatfix team have grown to over 1000 and are now at Series D with a globally recognized and prestigious brand. Thhe initial searches were tough, an internationally founded business with little evidence of product market fit but with the right story attracting tier one talent this changed rapidly. Whatfix is now a leader in the category and an attractive brand to target talent pools.

Positions Filled 

AVP - Major Accounts, East
AVP - Major Accounts, West
Director of Sales
Director of Content Marketing
Director of Customer Success x 2
Enterprise Account Director x 2
Enterprise Account Director (Germany)
Enterprise Account Director (UK)

Senior Director of Strategic Accounts
Solutions Architect
Sales Engineer x 2
Account Executive x 2
Sales Development Rep
Head of Talent

We have worked with Jeremy and the Search Experience team on multiple searches in just 12 months and have a few more in the process. We have tried to do it on our own but the success and efficiency we achieved with TSE always trumps. The team has an awesome approach starting with calibrating with the hiring manager on the right profile and they do such a good job of this that we have reached conclusion on all searches with no more than 5-8 interviews resulting in significant efficiency gains for Hiring Managers and HR teams. I strongly recommend Jeremy and the team at The Search Experience.

Vispi Daver, Founder & CRO

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