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Natalie Adams


Global experience from London, Sydney and the US, advising on strategy for building world class Sales and Marketing teams for a diverse set of technology companies, while leading awesome consultants internally.  In a crowded industry I always go the extra mile, offering exceptional service with a focus on long term  relationships. 


I moved to SF in 2017 foolishly believing I was moving to warmer climates; little did I know about Karl at the time but I have fully embraced the NorCal culture and all it has to offer.  Now battling an unhealthy obsession for shrimp tacos and guac.

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Jeremy MacLeod


As a proud Kiwi, I hail from the North Island of New Zealand and have been fortunate enough to call Wellington, Sydney, London and San Francisco home at various times in my life. I have become addicted to working with some of the most exciting businesses in the world, in particular early stage hyper growth disruptors who understand the value of top talent.  


In my spare time I like to keep fit and bore people with Crossfit chat. I love to watch sport and now consider myself a Giants, 49ers, Sharks and Warriors fan.

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Paul Dixon

Founding Partner

Engaged in senior level search for the past decade across both Europe and North America, I’m fortunate enough to work with innovative entrepreneurs and thought-leading investors on a daily basis. There’s a real enjoyment in partnering with smart people, who have a laser-focused commitment to success.


When work isn’t occupying my time, I can normally be found partaking in some sort of outdoor activity – be it hiking, skiing, running, or soccer. Yes, I’ve converted to calling it soccer!

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Corrine Tumanjan
Operations Manager

Originally from sunny Southern California, but I thoroughly enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, so I have stuck around SF for the past 7 years. I have been in the recruitment industry for the past two and a half years working on all things administration and back office. I love being the right hand woman to my team and helping them with any task no matter how big or small. 


A few things I really love to do outside of work is travel and listen to live music. My lifetime dream is to visit all 50 states and all 7 continents. If I am not catching a plane, you will see me jamming out at a live concert or music festival.

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Justin Ferber

Senior Consultant

A Bay Area native who’s lived both abroad and taken a bite out of the Big Apple, I can’t imagine a better place to call home.  I consider myself fortunate to have been able to partner with go to market leaders at top VC backed technology start ups over the past four years to help them find the top percentile talent needed to fuel their growth.  


Outside of work, I enjoy exploring new foods and cooking (I make a mean Peruvian ceviche).  I’m also a fitness nut and previously placed 2nd in a natural body building competition, but have since traded the lean physique for the dad bod as a father of a toddler :).  Fun fact about me is that I speak Spanish fluently and have lived abroad in Latin America.

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Courtney Coyne


Growing up in the Silicon Valley meant that technology was all around me early on, and innovation remained a cornerstone for how complex problems could be solved. My natural curiosity into this world developed rapidly; paired with my fascination for communication and social science, I built a foundation in technical recruiting. I’ve sustained my career by maintaining a growth mindset, taking a deep stake into each and every relationship, and keeping things light with a good sense of humor (my college thesis focused around sarcasm, so I can scientifically prove why this is and always will be a foundational principle). 

I am unfortunately an SF Craft Beer Drinker, but I’m more likely to engage in conversation about where to find the best oat milk latte in the city (Saint Frank Coffee has recently moved to #1). 

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Yisel De Leon

A proud born and raised New Yorker, who came to San Francisco in search of a new adventure.  I have been here for over 5 years and 

I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. My first glimpse of recruitment can be traced back to my pre-professional days. I have always had an eye for helping those around me find careers that are fulfilling. I find the most joy in developing different relationships, furthering careers, and challenging myself. I am both inspired and exhilarated to be in the heart of technological innovation and I am looking forward to helping others find their next fulfilling career. 


In my free time, I can be found cooking (Disclaimer: Usually looks better then it tastes) or working out (so I can eat more). I have a passion for reading, mindfulness, and animals.

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Ben Lewis
Senior Consultant

As a San Francisco transplant from Southern California, I traded the great weather for exceptional culture and proximity to tech innovation a decade ago without looking back.  After stumbling out of advertising sales into the agency-side candidate search world, I was hooked from day-one, and my passion for working with startup leaders to solve their most difficult staffing problems has grown with every year that’s gone by.  The partnerships and friends I’ve made, the exciting new technologies and products I’ve been exposed to, and the opportunities for growth I’ve been given, have all been a true privilege.


I spend my spare time writing and producing progressive house and electronic music, working out, and exploring new restaurants and bars around San Francisco.  During the winter months I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with snowboarding, and can be found in Tahoe as close to every weekend as possible.


We are ambassadors for our industry. Our dedication, knowledge, passion, and drive will evangelize and raise up standards. The Search Experience goes further, exceeds expectations, and excels in customer service. 

Cutting corners isn’t in our DNA! Every member of The Search Experience team is responsible for driving progress across the business, regardless of their personal remit. 

Caring (empathy and action) is the crux of our competitive advantage. We empower and advocate for our clients and candidates because those partnerships are our lifeline and the heart of our business.

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